Bild Nelly 6a My snowman wears a crown,

because he is known.

He`s tiny,

but sometimes shiny.

He has got red eyes,

of course he is nice.

He`s white,

and his favourite drink is Sprite.

He doesn`t have hands,

but he stands :-)

Nelly 6a





Bild Frederik 6a


Little steps

The garden is white,

it glows in the night.

Little steps in the snow,

where do they go?

They lead to the food,

the birds find it good.

Frederik 6a




Bild Joscha 6a


There´s a flower in the ice
it looks very nice.
The sun comes out
the flower shouts:
"I melt away
in only one day"
and under the ice
a green flower, how nice.





Bild Valentina My little snowman

I knew a snowman

who wanted to get some tan.

But suddenly came the sun

so the snowman had to run.

I started to pray

but suddenly he was away.

I was his biggest fan

hope I see him next winter again.





Picture Konrad 6a  Mr. White

I am the snowman Mr. White

I'd like to be  your travel guide

here in the winter garden of the house

look there, you see a little mouse

and in the sky there is a parrot

hey, ouch, the devil took my carrot,

a parrot? Oh, it's very hot,

and off my head there fell the pot

I'm lost, the snow, it melts away

and I'm no longer here to stay.

Good bye my dear, and keep in mind,

a better guide you'll never find.





Snowman samuel 6a 1


There is very much snow

and my little sleigh isn`t slow.

My snowman has got black eyes

and he is of course nice.

by Samuel





Winter Poem Julian 6a 

The snow is wonderful and white.

The snowflakes fall at day and at night.

The people are having fun

and the dogs outside run.

The children are skiing in the sun.

The snowman thinks

I like the fun.

by Julian