This year the members of our debating club participated in the simulation “Model United Nations Lower Rhine” at Schloss Neersen again. The topic was “Africa - the neglected continent”.

The event which took place on 11th March 2017 started at 8:30 with the registration of the admins and student officers. All delegates had to register at 9:00. After that the opening ceremony with the following traditional mock debate began. Our Secretaries General this year were Sina Kugel and Martin Kauder - two former students of the MEG. This year’s keynote speaker was the pharmacist Guy Noel Mouoffo who is from Cameroon and now working for action medeor. In his speech he informed us about Africa and the miserable living conditions there.

The first committee session started at 10:15. We had 4 committees: Social Humanitarian which dealt with aspects of development and health care, Environmental which dealt with illegal wildlife trafficking, the Security Council which dealt with battling terrorism and the Political and Economic Committee which dealt with the question of neo-colonialism and land management. Almost every committee had an ice breaker to begin with to create a pleasant atmosphere before the actual debate.

We had several breaks in which we had the possibility to eat, take pictures in the beautiful park around the castle or to listen to the drummer band in the courtyard. In the third committee session we were interrupted because of a crisis situation dealing with a sudden problem in Sudan. The day ended with the closing ceremony in which the common positions were presented and the best speaker and best newcomer of every committee were announced. The students from our school managed to get 4 awards - 3 best speaker and 1 best newcomer award: Jerry Schleeger (Security Council), Loreen Kaminski (Environmental), Charlotte von Grünberg (best newcomer Environmental), Paula Risse (Social Humanitarian). Our head of admin Marit Weiss was awarded as well.

At this point we would like to thank two special institutions which made this event possible: the Sparkasse Krefeld and action medeor.

Sandra Fiethen, Laura Mengel




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